City Index review was conducted by the team of our professional Forex experts for those who want to invest with broker, All you need to know about City Index broker like how to do City Index login or how to open City Index demo account, Finding out what is City Index currency converter or how to download City Index trading platform, You will also know about what is City Index minimum deposit and is City Index app for Android and iPhone available or no.

What Is City Index Forex Broker

It was founded in United Kingdom in 1983. Later 31 years in the monetary industry, they have grownup to be one of the world’s foremost providers of trading services for Forex, Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and Spread Bets. Their universal reach has extended to comprise countries like China, Australia, Poland, the U.S and Singapore.

One of the important reasons for their achievement is because they provide for each type of trader. With an extensive range of markets to trade with, City Index positively appeal to the expert trader. However, small time traders are also not being side lined as they can initiate trading with as small as 1 per point.

City Index Trading Platforms

The backbone of City Index’s trading platform is their Advantage Trader. The platform is presented in numerous versions for example:

  • Advantage Web Trader
  • Advantage Trader (Download Version)
  • Mobile Traders
  • City Index FX Trader
  • City Index Pro Trader platform

Whole, its platforms worked as publicized. Working the platform is an open affair. Novice traders will feel right at home with how simple it is to usage the platform. There is also a market search function combined into the platform to assistance traders find the assets which they need to trade. Prices are also feed live over the platform giving the impress that one is correct in the middle of all the act.

Trading Market

Through a city Index account you have admittance to over 10,000 marketplaces across the world. You can spread trade on everything from commodities like sugar and soy beans, to indices such as the United Kingdom 100, interest rates, bonds and shares. You can also select to admittance spreads by sector, permitting an emphasis on areas you have knowledge or interest in.

Products Covered

It permits spread betting on Equities in the UK, US, Asian and European marketplaces. You can also gambled on the main stock indices. Their team at have a single market named “Sectors” which permit you to bet on a complete range of stocks in specific divisions based on the UK marketplaces. They also provide spread betting on Metals, currencies, Interest rates and Bonds.


Sideways from their one standard account, for which there is slight information, City Index broker provides its VIP account which offers a unique range of profits including special rates on trade implementation, a devoted senior sales dealer on-hand twenty-four hours a day, interest paid on cash balances, supple margin rates and admittance to special VIP events.

This expensive account can be opened by invites only and suitability is determined by the VIP team of City. Leverage is 10:1.

The CityIndex broker lowest deposit to open an account is 100 dollars and 25 dollars is necessary for successive deposits. There is not any commission on CFDs and spread betting. For Equity CFDs, contingent on the market there is a minimum commission 25 dollars.

It provides the choice of Forex, CFD’s and spread betting in one account. There is a one-point spread on Wall Street and FTSE and a fixed one-pip spread on EUR/USD.

City Index Demo Account

City Index leases new traders open a free online Demo account which provides you £2,500 in virtual cash to do making trades with. The Demo account offers an actual simulation of the real platform, and permits you to open/close trades, display your positions, perform stop-losses and limit orders. You can also usage the numerous technical tools and charts and learn how to use them appropriately.

Generally the Demo account helps you come to be familiar with the City Index trading tools and software.

Broker Min Account Size Leverage Spread US Traders Review Open Account
City Index 1:500 0.9 pip Review Visit Broker Demo

Minimum Deposit

While first Opening a standard trading account with City Index broker doesn’t necessitate any lowest deposit but it essential be confirmed adequate to cover the margin necessities of the deliberate dealers.

Minimum Lot Size

The minimum lot size is 0.05 which let down the requirement to risk extra money. It as well avoids limits with the sum of trades that be released at any assumed time.

Tradable Asset

Thousands of CFD trading and spread betting marketplaces are accessible at CI and this comprises commodities, currencies, shares, indices, interest rates and bonds.

CityIndex Mobile Apps

Obviously, in this day and stage, no trading platform would be comprehensive if you couldn’t place a trade whereas jumping through your mobile device, so I have also gave scores for the accessibility of mobile apps. Please reminder that this score is only for the accessibility of apps, and does not score the apps themselves.

City Index are one of the front-runners when it comes to mobile apps and have thus scored extremely well here. They have mobile trading apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.


Person’s trade on FX for the reason that the profits are considerably more auspicious and it has at present come to be simply offered online, and extra expedient to contract with moneys. That’s the cause why the spread or pip value is important as this will be the base on how much profit will be increased beyond a positive trade. By CI (City Index), the spread on the USD/EUR currency pair is one pip which is extremely modest since a lesser spread means an advanced success.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

It accepts direct bank transfer and credit/debit cards for deposits and withdrawals. Though it was good that they provision these 2 standard payment procedures, I find it a bit incomplete since other brokers are capable to cover more banking approaches which is why I am providing them a Deposit and Withdrawal Approaches score of 3/5.

Withdrawal Time

The utmost communal difficult of FX traders nowadays are delays in withdrawal needs. CI (City Index) privileges that withdrawals are treated in a problem of five days.

Web Trader 

This platform permits you to trade CFDs, spread bet or forex from one single edge. This web-trader platform arises with exceptional features:

1 click dealing: Rise the speed through which you trade the marketplaces to confirm you don’t omission out on trading chances in fast moving marketplaces. Instead, change to double-click trade.

Deal over charts: At present, there’s no essential to switch back and out from the contract ticket. Trade the marketplaces, place and improve orders openly on the charts by this simple to usage and quick feature.

Numerous Charts entrenched into platform outlines: Need to watch numerous charts at the similar time? Web trader platform permits you to implant numerous charts into your selected platform design.

Completely customizable screen arrangements: Make the impeccable trading screen plan to outfit your style and favorites with our extremely customizable structures.

Watch lists: Make and modify numerous watch lists, group together separate marketplaces to outfit your trading requirements.

Accessibility: The instinctive border and extremely customizable features produce a trading knowledge that’s simple to use and can be suitable to someone’s favorites.


CFD trading and Spread betting are City Index’s leading lines of business. Spread betting is a tax-free substitute to conservative trading, allowing traders to profit from increasing as well as dropping market prices. Spread betting is generally leveraged, providing traders a chance to trade up to 10 percent of their original deposit.

The City Index website is user approachable and presents all its substantial in a clear and simply implicit fashion. Though the company has been about for decades, its website is present, making the user-experience generally amusing. Traders don’t have to go far to acquire the info they want and the first page offers access to many information comprising the numerous trading platforms, current market presentations and a list of features provided by the brokerage.

City Index MT4 Download

This trading platform permits clients to admittance and download the very prevalent Metatrader4 trading stage that has quickly become the standard of forex industry. By its user approachable line and wide selection of tradable assets and trading tools, MT4 is one of the utmost generally used trading stages in the world.

Broker Min Account Size Leverage Spread US Traders Review Open Account
City Index 1:500 0.9 pip Review Visit Broker Demo

Range of Markets and Spreads

It has fairly accurate a great range of marketplaces. Overall there are twelve thousand marketplaces that consumers can gamble on, counting global commodities, shares, binaries, options, rolling dailies, currencies and completely of the main monetary indices (DAX, S&P 500 and FTSE 100, etc..).

While you spread gambled with it, you can guarantee deliberate that you are dealing with one of the leading and harmless organizations in spread betting any estimates specified to you live are firm estimates. Without having any change you can as well flip amid share trading and CFDs on the similar platform.

Software & Usability

Forerunners for vision, its trading platform provides a number of advantages to other spread betting corporations. A two-week test lets you usage the Demo account by means of £2,500 and for a four week Learn to Trade time you can make trades from as small as 25 for each pip. These little trades are outstanding for novel users and permit you to initiate trading with a lesser credit amount and by a lesser amount of risk.

Risk Management

It is moreover a lot simpler and inexpensive with automatic assured stop-losses initiating from a premium of one pip, the capability to place linked depending orders and sufficient of other progressive implements for to decrease you’re trading risks. You can as well place limit orders, stop-losses and OCOs over the iPhone app.  Complaints 

Complaints stayed against the brokerage of City Index by those who usage the trading stage contain problems connected to platform freezing-up, amounts of commission changing devoid of notice, high spreads, incapacity to close trades, delay in reply times, moveable internal asset values amid platforms, inaccurate times and actual unfortunate customer service area. Possible dealers should open Demo Accounts to fully use the trading platform and select if it workings well through their monetary investment actions.

Commission & Spreads

It claim to provide their customers with fixed competitive spreads irrespective of market situations. For major forex pairs like the USD/JPY and EUR/USD, the spread is simply 3 pips. We found that they are really similar with those provided by the IG group.

Customer Support

Customer support services is available from Monday to Friday twenty-four hours a day. Clients of City Index can contact with the support team through:

  • Telephone
  • Live Chat
  • Email

One can tell that the people at City Index actually put exertions into building a true customer association as the account manager make it a point to individually contact new customers and orientate them about the account rules in a couple of hours after they sign up.


In term of dependability, one must not worry about this as they are:

  • Financially Robust
  • FSA Regulated
  • Have A Solid Track Record

A fast check with Company Check UK exposed that they preserved a well cash balance in their accounts.

City Index Login

For login to you can visit the broker by clicking button below and after sign up with the broker you can check your email and do City Index login.

Featured Site


  • Competitive fixed Spreads
  • Wide range of Markets
  • Advanced Trading Platform
  • Reputable Company
  • Support Mobile Trading


  • The Search purpose on the trading platform can be better to make searches by company name simpler.


City Index is one of the leading brokers out there – for best reasons. They provide a wide range of products, a very instinctive and simple to use trading platform, a free demo account and a solid English speaking support. The spreads are a little higher than at Capital Spreads but quiet completely ok. If you’re considering for a consistent CFD broker, City Index should be on topmost of your list. The important thing about City Index broker is it’s licensed and regulated by FCA.

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Broker Min Account Size Leverage Spread US Traders Review Open Account
City Index 1:500 0.9 pip Review Visit Broker Demo