City Index WebTrader

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City Index WebTrader platform

This platform permits you to trade CFDs, spread bet or forex from one single edge. This web-trader platform arises with exceptional features:

1 click dealing: Rise the speed through which you trade the marketplaces to confirm you don’t omission out on trading chances in fast moving marketplaces. Instead, change to double-click trade.

Deal over charts: At present, there’s no essential to switch back and out from the contract ticket. Trade the marketplaces, place and improve orders openly on the charts by this simple to usage and quick feature.

Numerous Charts entrenched into platform outlines: Need to watch numerous charts at the similar time? Web trader platform permits you to implant numerous charts into your selected platform design.

Completely customizable screen arrangements: Make the impeccable trading screen plan to outfit your style and favorites with our extremely customizable structures.

Watch lists: Make and modify numerous watch lists, group together separate marketplaces to outfit your trading requirements.

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Accessibility: The instinctive border and extremely customizable features produce a trading knowledge that’s simple to use and can be suitable to someone’s favorites.

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