Metals Trading

Take a position on a wide range of metal markets including Gold, Silver and Platinum at City Index.

Choose a Spread Betting or CFD Trading account to speculate on global Metals markets with tight spreads.

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  • Gold 0.3 around market spread
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Major Metals Market Information

Market name  Min. spread (around market spread) Min. spread hours (UK) Margin from
Gold 0.3 points 23:00 – 22:15 0.5%
Silver 2.0 points 23:00 – 22:15 0.5%
Copper 40 points 23:00 – 22:15 0.5%
Platinum 2.4 points 23:00 – 22:15 0.5%

Why trade Metals?

  • Safe haven investment
    Gold is a trusted market in times of heightened volatility
  • Trading opportunities
    Media and analysts present regular trading opportunities on Metals
  • Hedge against inflation
    Trade on Metals to hedge against rises in inflation
  • Tax-efficient trading
    Pay no UK Capital Gains Tax or Stamp Duty when spread betting*
  • Short the markets
    Trade on falling markets (going short) as well as rising markets
  • Trade anytime, anywhere
    Trade on desktop, close on mobile, our accounts work on multiple devices

How to Trade Metals

At City Index you can trade on price movement of a wide range of Metals including Gold, Silver, Copper and Platinum.

Metal prices are driven by geopolitical risk and are often seen as safe haven investments during times of heightened market volatility. You can buy (go long) or sell (short the market) depending on whether you think the price of a Metal will rise or fall.

With City Index you can trade Metals with a Spread Betting or CFD Trading account.

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