Strategy Tools

Technical and fundamental tools

City Index’s fundamental and technical analysis portal provides you with actionable trade ideas and the tools to research markets in-depth.

Technical analysis tools

Our technical analysis portal, powered by Recognia, scans the markets for chart patterns and presents trading opportunities, to save you time researching the markets.

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Fundamental analysis tool

View at a glance whether a stock is under or overvalued using our fundamental research portal, powered by Recognia.

Stock valuation
Our traffic light indicator clearly shows if stocks are over or undervalued. Green for under-valued, yellow for fairly valued and red for over-valued, alongside a projected rate of return.

Best buy opportunities
Global stocks are listed according to their rate of return, making it easy to see where the trading opportunities are.

Company metrics
Detailed metrics such as revenue and earnings history, earnings per share (EPS) and debt to equity ratio gives you all the data for you to perform your own analysis and help build a portfolio.

Global data
Fundamental analysis available for UK, US, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore stocks and can be filtered by industry.

Filter opportunities
Filter trading opportunities based on your own preferences and criteria.

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‘What if?’ analysis
Perform ‘what if’ analysis on how changes to the estimated EPS growth rate will affect your projected rate of return.

City Index research tools

City Index’s research portal highlights trading opportunities using technical and fundamental analysis.

Find out how to use the portal in more detail by watching our video “Spotting trading opportunities with City Index’s research tools”

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