Trading Alerts

Real-time trade signals via SMS and email

City Index provides a free 30 day trial of either UK Equities or UK FX Daily Trading Signals from Faraday Research.

Trade signals from qualified experts at Faraday Research

Would you like to have a team of dedicated analysts sending you trade signals daily via SMS, push notification and email? Faraday Research provide actionable trade signals – telling you what to buy or sell and at what price, where to place your stop loss and most importantly, when to exit.

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  • Award-winning trading signals
    “Best Trading Alert Service 2017” from the ADVFN International Financial Awards
  • Real-time trade signals
    Long and short opportunities with precise buy, sell and stop loss levels
  • Detailed investment strategies
    Includes trade rationale explained by technical and fundamental criteria

Claim your free 30 day trial

Each City Index client is entitled to one 30 day trial of the UK Equities or FX Daily trading alerts from Faraday Research (worth up to £600 for 12 months). If you wish to continue after 30 days, you will be entitled to a 50% discount on all of Faraday’s monthly subscriptions. Term and Conditions apply.

UK Equities – Free 30 Day Trial

UK Equities gives you real time buy-and-sell trade signals on FTSE100 stocks, based on a fundamental and technical catalysts.

Faraday Research tells you specifically when you should buy or sell a specific stock, where to enter and place your stop loss and most importantly when to exit. Alerts are sent directly to your mobile via SMS, push notifications and email, so you can take action immediately.

UK FX Daily – Free 30 Day Trial

With UK FX Daily, you’ll get real-time research and analysis of currency markets around the world. You’ll know exactly what’s happening and what action you need to take – wherever and whenever opportunities emerge.

Faraday Research track the movements of the Forex markets, letting you know when to get in and out by sending you trading signals directly to your phone.

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