Trading Tools

Trading Tools

City Index provides access to a wealth of trading tools including trading signals, market intelligence and research tools to help you plan and sieze your next trading opportunity.

Technical and fundamental analysis portal

Our technical analysis research portal scans the markets for chart patterns and presents the best buy and sell opportunities, to save you time researching the markets.

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The portal’s fundamental stock analyser shows you at a glance whether a stock is deemed under or overvalued. The best buy opportunities are listed first, making it easier to see where the trading opportunities are.

Real time trading signals via SMS and email

How would you like to have a team of dedicated analysts working for you, sending you trade signals daily via SMS and email?

For investors too busy to spend time researching the markets, City Index, in partnership with Faraday Research, provides a free 30 day trial of either UK Equities or UK FX Daily Trading Signals.

Auto-trading strategies

City Index’s platform for advanced users, AT Pro, offers access to over 100+ auto-trading strategies which compliments your trading plan whenever a trade signal is generated.

Pre-set trading strategies include moving averages cross system, Heikin-Ashi candlesticks reversal system and a MACD fast line/signal line cross system.

Order execution tools

Multiple order types
Add stops and limits, OCOs and if-done orders easily when you place a trade

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Advanced orders
Guaranteed and trailing stops available to help enhance your risk management strategy

Partial close
Scale out of trades easily by closing out your trade incrementally

Hedging tools
Go long and short in the same market to hedge an existing position

Market intelligence tools

Real-time news from Reuters
Real-time financial news, data and market reports provided by Reuters are delivered directly into all our trading platforms and apps to keep you up to date with the latest news stories.

Economic calendar
City Index’s customisable economic calendar enables you to understand the impact of key market-moving events so you can better plan your trading strategies.

Expert market analysis
Our global research team identifies the information that drives the markets so you can forecast potential price movement and seize opportunities.

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